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The Annual Town Meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of April, at such time and place as the Selectmen shall determine. At the Annual Town Meeting on said second Tuesday of April,' articles of the Warrant shall be acted upon, except that article which provides for the election of Town Officers as provided by law. On the Thursday following the second Tuesday of April there shall be an election of Town Officers by official ballot, the polls to be opened and closed at such times as the Selectmen shall determine consistent with the statute in such case made and provided.

All articles or subjects to be acted upon at the Annual Town Meeting to be held on the second Tuesday of April shall be filed with the Selectmen on or before the first Tuesday in February preceding said second Tuesday of April when the warrant shall be closed. All warrants for the Town Meeting shall be published in two newspapers of general circulation or posted in three or more conspicuous places in town at least seven days before the date of meeting called.

No adjournment of the Meeting held on the second Tuesday of April shall affect the election of Officers to be held the following Thursday. (See Acts of 1959, Ch. 64.)

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