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1. No person shall obstruct a street, sidewalk, or other public place if his presence thereon interferes with the normal flow of traffic. No person shall remain at or near the doors of a place of business if his presence on said street, sidewalk, or other public place results in blocking the access to said place of business and if he is requested by the owners or occupants of said place or the police to depart therefrom. Fine $10.00.

2. No person or persons shall be allowed to sleep overnight in any town park or other Town property or in any building owned by the Town. No person shall be allowed to sleep on any beaches within the limits of this town between the hours of 9 PM and 7 AM. This by-law shall not apply to persons who sleep overnight on a beach which is not owned by the Town, County, or State and who have the permission of the person or persons who are lawfully in possession of said beach.

3. No person or persons shall sleep in any motor vehicle on private property unless they have permission to do so from the person or persons in lawful possession of said property. Whoever violates this by-law shall be fined not more than twenty dollars.

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