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West Tisbury Boards/Committees

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Contact Phone
Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Rhonda Conley 508-693-3925
Rhonda Conley 508-693-3925
Contact Info 508-693-4992
(Emergency Dial 911)
Anthony Cordray 508-684-8201
(Emergency Call 693-1212)
Dawn Barnes 508-696-0101
Board of Health Omar Johnson 508-696-0105
Joseph K. Tierney, Jr. 508-696-0113
Harriet Bernstein 508-696-7186
Kathy Logue 508-696-0108
Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
cpa@westtisbury-ma.gov 508-696-0100 x 120
(Voicemail Only)
Maria McFarland 508-696-6404
Joyce Albertine 508-693-2896
Data Processing/IT Kathy Logue 508-696-0106
Dukes County Advisory Board
J. Skipper Manter 508-696-0102
Dump Omar Johnson 508-696-0105
Tara Whiting 508-696-0148
Russell Hartenstine 508-684-8200
Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Gary Montrowl 508-696-0102
Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Fire Department/Forest Warden
Manuel Estrella III 508-693-9555
(Emergency Dial 911)
Highway Department
Richard T. Olsen/Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Sean Conley 508-693-6677
Mary Robin Ravitch 508-696-0102
Beth Kramer 508-693-3366
Ann Fisher 508-696-0102
Ernest Thomas 508-696-0102
Rob Hauck 508-696-0102
Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Peggy Stone 508-696-0147
Bill Haynes  
Maria McFarland 508-696-6404
Jane Rossi 508-696-0149
Emma Young  
Matt Mincone 508-693-0020
(Emergency Dial 911)
Tara Whiting 508-696-0148
John Alley 508-693-2950
Michael Marcus 508-696-6444
Shared Use Path Committee
Janet Bank  
Shellfish Advisory Committee
Shellfish Constable
Space Needs Committee (No Longer Active) Kathy Logue 508-696-0108
Tax Collector Brent Taylor 508-696-0104
Town Accountant Bruce Stone 508-696-0106
Town Clerk Tara Whiting 508-696-0148
Town Administrator Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Town Clock Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Town Counsel/Ronald H. Rappaport Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
Town Hall Renovation Committee (No Longer Active) Kathy Logue 508-696-0108
Transfer Station Omar Johnson 508-696-0105
Treasurer Kathy Logue 508-696-0108
Tree Warden
Jeremiah Brown/Jennifer Rand 508-696-0102
General E-Mail 508-693-4992
(Emergency Dial 911)
Truant Officer Matt Mincone 508-693-0020
(Emergency Dial 911)
Veterans' Graves Officer Brian Athearn 508-962-2477 (cell)
Zoning Board of Appeals Pam Thors 508-696-0107