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Photo Gallery

Many Thanks to Ariel Lowther, Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Student for her contributions to the photo gallery.


If you have any digital photos of West Tisbury that you would let me publish please email them.

 I will credit you for the picture if I use it.


Click on a photo to see a larger version.

West Tisbury Cemetery

By Jennifer Rand

West Tisbury Cemetery

By Jennifer Rand

Red-Tail Juvenile Hawk

By Sarah Wood

West Tisbury Farmhouse

By Alex Goethals

Dog Walking Crowd

By Alex Goethals

Alone on the Beach

By Alex Goethals

No Mopeds Today

By Alex Goethals

Brrrr.... Let's stay indoors!

By Alex Goethals

Winter Sunset

By Alex Goethals

Path to the Beach

By Alex Goethals

Woodland Path

Photo by Ariel Lowther

Lambert's Cove Beach

Photo by Ariel Lowther

Seth's Pond

Along side Lambert's Cove Road. Be careful where you park. A sign there will help you to find legal spots.

County of Dukes County Airport

Flights to Boston, New York, Washington DC, Providence, Hyannis, Nantucket and others.

Flower Stand

These dot the roadsides all during the growing season.

The Congregational Church

In the center of Town.

The Dumptique

A great way to recycle.

Public Safety Building

Stop by for a tour.

The Martha's Vineyard Garden Club

Next to the Mill Pond.

Another view of the Garden Club

Where did the power lines go??

The Grange Hall

Also known as the Old Agricultural Hall. Home to many events such as the Farmer's Market and Artisan's Festival.

The Howes House

Home to the Up-Island Council on Aging. It is located across the street from Alley's General Store.

Market Signs

Two events worth the trip!

A West Tisbury Farm

Photo by Ariel Lowther

Mill Pond Bench

A quiet place to rest.

The Old Oak Tree

Please don't climb on this venerable, loved member of the community. It is a bit fragile.

Music Street Building

Photo by Ariel Lowther. This building is currently owned by the MV Preservation Trust

West Tisbury Town Hall Renovation

An aerial shot of the Town Hall during its 2008-2009 renovation

The West Tisbury Town Hall

Renovations on this building were completed September 2009.

Field Gallery

Visit these whimsical statues in the center of town.

Long Point Beach

Trustees of Reservations

Alley's at the Holidays

Photo by Ariel Lowther

A West Tisbury Cemetery

Photo by Ariel Lowther


Take a close look at this unique breed.

Lambert's Cove Dunes - Blizzard 05

By Alex Goethals

Buried Mailboxes - Blizzard 05

By Alex Goethals

Winter Evergreens

By Alex Goethals