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Town Hall Renovation Update


Renovation work began on the West Tisbury Town Hall in September 2008 and was completed September 2009, on time and below budget!


West Tisbury Town Hall

Almost Done!

West Tisbury Town Hall

New Aerial Shot:

Stuck Truck...Whoops!

Town Hall Renovation Truck Stuck

Solar panels on:

Windows in, roof on, trim and shingles nearly done:


Wrapped in Typar:

Framing up the new addition:

March 3, 2009:
Elevator shaft is complete; stripping and resheathing sidewalls.

Town hall elevator shaft complete

February 24, 2009:
Fun aerial shot of Town Hall, taken by Mike Josefek.

Aerial view of town hall construction

October 20, 2008:
Town Hall being lifted off its foundation! The work begins....

West Tisbury Town Hall lifted from foundation

West Tisbury Town Hall Renovation

Part of the blackboard we found when we removed the existing blackboards -- older ones underneath. This one still contains a science lesson about the parts of the ear and how they function to "hear" sound.

Blackboard found behind bookcase during town hall renovation